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Why I love essential oils?

I have used essential oils for a number of years now. Not only do these oils form my medicine chest at home but also provide many other uses from toxic chemical-free cleaning to food uses, to warding mosquitos and nits away to dealing with insect bites!

There is an oil ( in my opinion) for every situation and the list could go on! I use a therapeutic pure grade oil called Young Living and a little goes a long way. Because essential oils are made from plants, the chemical compounds found in these oils have some incredible properties for all-around wellness. 

I even used a blend last year to deal with the nasty respiratory effects of Covid called R.C. ( I mentioned this in my blog) which is a blend of Eucalyptus oils that helps the respiratory system. 

Time for me to blog more about this for sure! 

Watch this space, do email me if you would like more information on Young Living essential oils. 

Why not introduce some household swaps with Essential oils? 


*Please note the contents of this website are not intended to diagnose, heal or provide medical advice and no responsibility will be taken for any actions taken from this blog and all experiences are the author's own.

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