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Simply goodness; for body, mind and well being

My Passion through Cultivate Life is sharing about healthy eating, eco, well-being and money saving topics. Here are just a few ways you can work with me;

Food Blogger


It’s obvious what healthy eating can do for our mental wellness, bodies, and families. I share ways to live well without costing the earth. I’m also a big believer that good nutritious food should be (and is) available to all. Easy recipes, reduce food waste tips all add up to eating well. Foraging is also a passion that connects us to the outdoors, which also helps with de-stress. Being connected to the seasons with our food also has a whole host of benefits.

Organic Carrots


This began when I was working as a ‘Green roadshow’ leader
amongst different types of businesses where I would engage employees about all things CSER. What struck me the most was that many teams and staff members wanted to make ‘green choices and live eco responsibly’ but would ask me how can I start? Where can I make better green choices? This led me to write & champion more ‘Eco-living material, as looking after the earth directly involves each and every one of us, now & many generations to come.


Forager’s Notebook

Perfect as a gift for foraging fans & newbies alike. A useful tool to connect Foodie folk to the great outdoors!


Includes sections that cover;

  • Why forage?

  • Introduction to foraging and foraging etiquette

  • Note sections for: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

  • 10 easy recipes that use: Wild Garlic, Hawthorn, Elderflower, Elderberry, Dandelion & Wild Cherry

  • Spaces to write your own recipe notes

  • A year round 'Spot the plant forage activity'

  • Resources page for further reading


Size 15.24 x 1.17 x 22.86 cm"200 pages, gloss cover

British Pound Notes


This has been a more recent topic and affects so many
people. I love ways to share about money-saving, as it improves
lifestyles’, and often gives peace of mind (which can reduce stress). There’s so much consumer choice and that can be overwhelming. Money-saving is more about culturing a non-waste culture (which also ticks the eco box too). It’s not about living less, but living more, with more options to spend on other things. If I saved you money today and you were able to treat yourself or your family to something special, surely that’s a win?

Looking Forward To Working With You
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