Do you want to learn more about gut health, nourishing food, and how to live a green and sustainable life?

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My passion project filled with tips and simple life hacks to a healthier way of living that saves time and money without costing the earth.

I'll share my 'reduce food waste' recipes and love of foraging for wild food and create recipes that are easy ... where kids can get stuck in and enjoy the fun too! 

It has been a heritage of mine to eat well and  to prepare food that tastes great and nourishes. 


As a regular Kombucha & Water Kefir brewer, I'm also passionate about teaching this simple skill to folk to make it a sustainable way of life to balance healthy gut flora for optimum health.


  You’ll also learn life hacks to make green and sustainable living easy.  


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Eat well * Reduce waste * Save money!


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 Cultivate Life will ignite a passion for great living for you too!


If the idea of brewing your own Water Kefir appeals to you but you find the whole idea of starting something new with little knowledge is a little overwhelming, then an afternoon with Yuki is well worth the investment. I love it!


Yuki was the guest speaker at a wellness weekend I attended in November.


She is an absolute wealth of knowledge, she spoke to us about water kefir, kombucha and foraging.

Learn to cultivate gut health and a wholesome lifestyle on a budget

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