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My first Water Kefir workshop

I started brewing water kefir over 10 months ago. I started with a few grains given by a lovely neighbour and the rest is history. Kefir is a probiotic fermented drink made from either sugared water (water kefir) and kefir grains or milk and kefir grains (milk kefir). There are proven studies of how important the gut is for optimum health, we now hear more about the term 'live' in yoghurts and other foods. (I've even heard of probiotic face creams!)

The health benefits are huge- from helping to improve allergies to building a strong immune system to aiding digestion and many more. I initially started making milk kefir but found the taste too tart, whilst not being a milk lover, I would also forget about it and it would turn to cheese.

The more I tried Water Kefir the more I enjoyed creating new flavours.

From Watermelon to Lemon and Ginger to a Christmasssy Orange, Cinnamon and Cranberry, I had plenty of fun making more of this delicious drinks and loving the slight fizz that came with it. I discovered that when you feed the kefir grains with sugar, the live bacteria metabolises the sugar (eats up) and throws lots of vitamin b's and amino acids and yeasts into the water that are beneficial for the gut. The next stage is the second fermentation when the fun of flavouring the beverage happens.

Kefir for me has been an interesting journey.

I immediately noticed my increased energy levels and feeling less bloated after meals. Water kefir tastes like a light fizzy soda and I soon got a bit geeky and started tweaking the sugar levels and making different levels of fizz. Interestingly, the longer the kefir is left to ferment, the less sweet it tastes. This makes the drink beneficial for folk needing a low sugar diet. To top that, this drink is gluten and lactose-free, with only pennies to make, it is a great way of making a healthy drink for all the family.

I've been telling my whole world about it.

In fact, I have recently led a workshop teaching a local community how to brew water kefir and the response has been huge! It has been so exciting and I cannot wait to roll out these workshops out to spread the word about how to build great healthy guts! One good bacteria at a time!

Water Kefir. Wholesome, healthy, probiotics made easy! Yuki x

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