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The Benefits, Why & What is Water Kefir ?

I am passionate about Water Kefir. I often get asked what is it? ( Often with a puzzling look on their face). Why do I brew it? The biggest differences for me, are the increased energy levels and improved gut health. I can now eat bread again ( and pretty much anything) without having the bloated feeling.

My immune system is also the best it has ever been - as a parent, any solution in helping children come off juices and sodas is a bonus.

Water kefir has been the best way of hydrating my little one without overdosing on sugar that is so prevalent in so many foods. ( Not to mention the benefits of combating the bugs and flu from being in schools in general!)

In answer to the many 'whys' I get asked, I have written a few pointers below to get folk introduced to this incredible drink and even have a go at making it. The benefits are huge and I hope this blog will spark some interest and debunk some myths about it.

Benefits and the Why?

** Water Kefir is a gluten free, lactose free, vegan, probiotic cultured drink.

As with all probiotic products, it aids digestion and builds better immunity and therefore better absorption of nutrients for the body. It is made or 'brewed' by little cultured 'grains' that are a fed sugar to grow.

**Builds a stronger immune system and can improve allergies. There is increasing evidence that good gut health is a vital part of optimum health, my thoughts are if these healthy bacteria outnumber the bad bacteria in your gut, what have you got to loose that these little healthy bugs are fighting for you on your behalf?

**More energy. Who has an abundance of energy these days? It's unheard-of right? Well since brewing this delicious drink, I've noticed so much more energy. not sure if it is the less bloated an sluggish feeling but the energy is noticeable. very likely because the abundance of vitamin b's that i am now consuming.

** It is easy to brew.

Feeding the culture 'grains' with sugared water, the live beneficial bacteria throws into the water as a by product vitamin B's and proteins and yeasts that are great for good gut health.

**It is cheap to make.

As the culture only needs sugared water to survive, the costs are minimal. The second fermentation is to flavour the water to preferred taste. These can be with citrus fruits, peels dried fruit or fresh fruits. Juices can also be used.

**Create your own flavours & fizz levels to suit your taste

This is my favourite part, you can control the flavours, whether it is level of sweetness & fizz to suit your taste. This makes it easy to create different styles of tastes to suit younger kids and other members of the family.

** Great for those who are on a lower sugar diet. As the bacteria eat up the sugar to live, the sugar content in the drink is reduced the longer it is fermented. Therefore this makes it an ideal drink for kids and those with a restricted sugar diet.

Myths debunked

There. Not a bad a list up there right? So here to debunk some myths....

--It is full of sugar. Whilst the healthy bacteria does feed on sugar. It 'eats' it up. which means the sugar doesn't exist after the grains have had the time to ferment the drink. On the second fermentation, the fruit that is used tastes totally sugarless. ( I usually throw that out as it no longer tastes as sweet as the original fruit.) But all the probiotic goodness is in the water.

--It takes too much time. Yes it does take time, but not too much. like many things, with practice it gets quicker. I can now strain the grains and be preparing the second flavour ferment for the time it takes the kettle to boil for a cup of tea. Cooking dinner takes time, but we still eat right?!

No seriously. not much time at all, I recently saw a quote on the lines of 'if we do not make time for health then later we'll be forced to do time in a hospital.' Ouch.

Maintaining good health and a body that loves you takes work. But it is worth it.

--It requires ongoing upkeep. Again this is true, But in my courses, I teach folk how to maintain grains so that it is sustainable, I cover what to do in case of holidays or if you would like to take a break.

This makes it more lifestyle friendly. I have known to even have my own 'water kefir mini bar' when on business trips or holidays. My reasoning is if my work schedule is busy, I cannot afford to get sick!

Well Maintained Water Kefir grains can continue to work indefinitely .

Should this article spark any inkling of interest, why not contact me to arrange a Water kefir Workshop near you? ( currently in South East of UK regions, I am working on other regions to follow- watch this space!). Email me at Let's get you one step

closer to better gut health today!

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