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Why not join me & learn how to make Chinese wontons?

I'm Chinese. but born in the UK. so I am 'Chinglish', Chinese English.

February is Chinese New Year's month and even though I'm not sure too much of the history, any occasion to celebrate with great food and I'm in! It used to be a big fuss at home as it's the biggest festival of the year.

So I did my first live online event last week on Chinese new year day on the 12th Feb. I encouraged folk to make these as they are so easy to make, yummy, easy to make pretty versatile when it comes to fillings! The wonton skins are usually bought frozen so it's an easy one to make whenever anyone fancies Chinese food!

I demonstrated the traditional meat filling of pork and chopped prawns but included a list of ingredients that attendees could choose their filling, which included shitake mushrooms and water chestnuts. For a vegetarian alternative, I suggested mashed tofu, water chestnuts shitake mushrooms and chopped green onions. I also gave suggestions of noodles to serve with the wontons so that folk can make a meal of it.

The lesson is an hour long and all the ingredients and equipment list ( I keep it minimal I promise) is emailed beforehand and the event is held on Zoom. It's a great event for all the family, my 7-year-old knows hows to make these fast!

The other promise I made was that attendees would be taught how to wrap the wontons so that they wouldn't fall apart on cooking, I explain the process and to my delight, a few attendees were amazed afterward and said 'oh my, it's 100% true as you promised, easy to make and the wontons did not fall apart!' It sure makes me happy when I can share a skill like that! I love sharing about good food that is simple to make and accessible to all.

Anyway, I had some feedback that the last session was no good for some as they were working or the lesson clashed with school lessons, so I am now holding another event on Sunday 21st February at 4 pm.

Why not join in, get the kids involved if you have any, if not then get uncles, aunties, and friends & housemates to do something fun for the weekend?

Tickets are £7.50 per household, why not treat a friend to do a cook along?

Ticket info link below:

so again.....

Date: Sunday 21st February

Time: 4pm

Online: via Zoom link

Price: £7.50 per household

Hope to see you there!

Yuki x

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